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Dhan Arts

A Modern Artist

Meet Melissa Vijay Bharwani, the artist behind Dhan Arts and the creator of the Skadey Cat, Curacao's Official Cat. She always wanted to create fine art for tourists. Making it easy for them to take home a piece of her island.

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Artist Bio

Born in 1984, Melissa Vijay Bharwani, always wanted to create art for tourists to take home, and remember their time on her beautiful island Curacao. Inspired by her own cat looking out the window she created "Cats Enjoying the View" Cats would enjoy the view of Curacao's famous UNESCO buildings Handleskade. In 2018 she designed cats, which she handprints with the Handelskade on their backs- famously called Skadey Cats, Curacao's Official Cat. One of a kind pieces only found in Curacao. The perfect keepsake. 

From paintings, to jewelry boxes, and Christmas ornaments there is so much she does. 

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Curacao's Official Cat

Skadey is Curacao's Official Cat, created by local artist Melissa Vijay Bharwani. Skadey is hand painted with love and care, each Skadey has Curacao's famous buildings- Handelskade on their backs. Each Skadey is different from the next, if you choose to take one home, you will know yours is the only one in the world like that.  

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