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Breakfast with Wilhelmina - Plein Cafe Wilhelmina

In July, I returned back to work after the lockdown as flights had started to resume, and we all had hope that tourism would pick up again. I knew it would be a slow start, but I don't think I personally was prepared for how slow it actually was going to be. Which is how I came up of the idea of blogging, to help small local businesses. I wanted to start with restaurants because who doesn't love food? Plein Cafe Wilhelmina is the first one that came to mind because it has a very special someone I love to meet even when I'm not having a meal there! So today I'm going to take you for breakfast at Plein Cafe Wilhelmina and introduce you to someone very special!

The menu

Plein Cafe Wilhelmina opened its doors in 1998, in what was considered a not so nice area of Punda. The name came from the location Wilhelmina Square where it is located. It was quickly discovered for its great food and ambiance, its opened 365 days a year and there is no one on the island who doesn't know this famous cafe!

This one of my favorite cafe's in Punda, and I've sent dozens if not more of my own clients there when they ask for recommendations for a bite to eat. As a cat owner, I always miss my bundles of joy when I travel so this cafe is just perfect!

Breakfast anyone?

I was invited to the Plein Cafe Wilhelmina for breakfast, they have so many different choices for breakfast it was really hard to decide! I have had been craving pancakes for a while so I opted for the 'American Breakfast', which is huge! It comes with pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, and all the condiments. You can choose how you would like your eggs, I'm a fan of scrambled eggs, it also comes with a hot beverage, I ordered a cappuccino along with orange juice. The orange juice deserves a special mention because it was freshly squeezed and refreshing, it caught me by surprise. The breakfast came out really quickly which was great since I was famished! The breakfast was huge, I can assure you even for anyone with a healthy appetite you would have been left full. The pancakes were amazing they were fluffy with crisp edges! The eggs were scrambled to perfection, but it was such a large spread I ended up asking them to "doggie bag" the rest of it for later. Once it reached home, my father wanted to try and he loved it, no complaints which is a huge thumbs up because often I feel he's a bit hard to please! The waitress noticed that I gobbled the pancakes ( yes! they were that good!), told me next time when I come they do serve the pancakes separately, which was great to know, I definitely will be coming back for that.

The American Breakfast spread!

On a personal note, I have never been disappointed with the food and the service at Plein Cafe Wilhelmina, the breakfast was on the house, but often I've had lunch there and I've had nothing negative to ever say about them. Their servings are always generous and service is always prompt. But my main reason for always visiting this cafe is an excuse to meet Wilhelmina, she is a beautiful calico and she lives at the restaurant, during the day she lounges on the chairs, and at night she sleeps inside. She's not a fan of being picked up but loves to be petted and is really friendly. It isn't often that you see a beautiful cat like her at a restaurant, so if you are a cat lover this is great restaurant to visit, and the food is great, service is quick which is a huge plus especially when you are hungry!

Wilhelmina and Skadey

Restaurants are facing a really tough time right now, with social distancing rules in place, they can't seat as many people as they usually do. People aren't eating out as much as they used to. Punda has become over the years very touristic, and unfortunately due to the pandemic there aren't many tourists in town. If you could, stop by the Plein Cafe Wilhelmina, have an amazing breakfast or a bite to eat. You won't be disappointed and they will be happy to serve you! Don't forget to say hello to Wilehmina as well! Click here to follow them on Instagram Plein Cafe Wilhelmina and on Facebook at Plein Cafe Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina and Skadey
All Kisses!

If you are a local restaurant and would like me to collaborate with me to tell your story, send me a email at let me help tell your story to the world!

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