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Wara Wara Wednesdays!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The pandemic affected a lot of businesses around the world, big or small it didn't matter. Overnight these businesses saw very little light at the end of the tunnel. The entire month of April,

Skadey with her Bento Box

Curacao was not only under lockdown but also under "shelter at home" where we were not allowed to leave our homes other then for essential services. We were also not allowed to drive our cars other then twice a week and then on our license plate days, and only for the grocery store, pharmacy and other essential services. During this time a well known event planner and a world class photographer saw their future uncertain and this is their story.

Aubrey Piggott- Chef behind Wara Wara

Meet Aubrey and Carina Piggott, the founders of Wara Wara. Aubrey, a well known event planner on the island, and his company Star Deco B.V. , unfortunately due to the pandemic, his business came to a halt. Carina a world class photographer, and graphic designer with her own company Salt and Vinegar took a back seat as well. With an uncertain future this husband and wife duo knew they had to come up with something else to do and soon! Aubrey always loved to cook, and wanted to get into the catering or restaurant business, but life had other plans for him. In order for me to tell you their story I need to take you back in time just a bit to


December of 2019, a cute little white kitten was found and they named him Whitey. Unfortunately they couldn't keep him as they have four dogs. They worked together with Stichting Kitten Rescue Curacao to find Whitey a home in the Netherlands. Whitey was adopted to an amazing family, Carina and Aubrey stayed in touch with the family that adopted Whitey, who were home based caterers. Now lets hop back into 2020 to the birth of Wara Wara.

Wara Wara is a home based catering company, every Wednesday you can pick up or have them deliver your favorite dishes. Your lunch comes in a bento box, with your choice of main, sides and sauce. It's pretty awesome! You're making your own lunch with all your favorites. Everything is interactive! You click on the link in their bio on Instagram or Facebook, click order and fill out the form and you get a confirmation email in your inbox and your good to go!

Red Snapper with Wedge potatoes

I ordered the red snapper with potato wedges, and the veggie box. The great thing about the veggie meal, it is customized to your favorites, a team member sends you a WhatsApp message, letting you know all of the veggies available you get to pick three, along with a side and your favorite sauce to accompany your meal. Another thing different about Wara Wara is that they have three different delivery time slots, as they understand not everyone eats at the same time, and as their meals are best eaten hot.

Veggie Box with Funky Funchi

The food arrived on time and hot, ready to eat, no reheating required! What impressed me the most was their portions. Their red snapper piece was large with a ton of wedge potatoes, a gado gado salad and a red cabbage pickle. The fish was cooked to perfection moist inside and I absolutely loved the wedge potatoes, the meal overall got gold stars from me. The veggie meal had a ton of veggies to chose from, I chose asparagus, green beans and corn, my side was funky funchi (cornbread with a twist), the meal also came with pickled cabbage along with chimichurri sauce. The veggies were crisp and lightly sautéed full of flavor that I didn't even need the chimichurri sauce, the portions were really large, so you're belly is full and happy!

Skadey and his boxes

If you fall in love with a sauce or a pickle rest assured they bottle them and are available for purchase. You can use them at home and get that Wara Wara feel everyday!

Very impressed with both boxes!

On a personal note, I was just really impressed with the portions of the food, the concept of the bento box, was really unique, and the quality of the food was fantastic. The menu is different every week which is great it gives you something new to try. Their packaging is all ecc0 friendly, you can re-use the Bento box, or return it for a 0.50ct discount on your next order. You can order with them for Wednesday, but do corporate catering or other events just message them for details. Now if you're thinking about trying Wara Wara I have really great news for all for you! When placing your order type "DHAN" where it says "customize this box" to get 10% off your entire order!

Click on the link below to place your order today!

If you are a restaurant or a home based caterer and would like to collaborate with me on a blog post email me at I would love to tell your story!

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