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Hot off the Griddle - Flippin' Pancakes and More

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods, especially when it comes to Sunday mornings. That one lazy day a week where I allow myself to sit in my pajamas, be lazy,have a cup of green tea, and eat pancakes! Absolutely no hustle and bustle of the week, yes somehow, I'm always running around during the week no matter how much I try to plan and organize everything, so with that being said my Sundays are pure bliss! When browsing Instagram as I do so often, I was fascinated

Breakfast with Wilhelmina - Plein Cafe Wilhelmina

In July, I returned back to work after the lockdown as flights had started to resume, and we all had hope that tourism would pick up again. I knew it would be a slow start, but I don't think I personally was prepared for how slow it actually was going to be. Which is how I came up of the idea of blogging, to help small local businesses. I wanted to start with restaurants because who doesn't love food? Plein Cafe Wilhelmina is the first one that came to mind because it has a v

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