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Hot off the Griddle - Flippin' Pancakes and More

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods, especially when it comes to Sunday mornings. That one lazy day a week where I allow myself to sit in my pajamas, be lazy,have a cup of green tea, and eat pancakes! Absolutely no hustle and bustle of the week, yes somehow, I'm always running around during the week no matter how much I try to plan and organize everything, so with that being said my Sundays are pure bliss! When browsing Instagram as I do so often, I was fascinated when I came across a truck that sells pancakes- where you ask? Right here in Curacao! I thought to myself, why had I not discovered them earlier? Flippin' Curacao is a pancake truck; which has freshly made pancakes, with all types of different toppings for your tummy's cravings! Today I am excited to share with you this collaboration with Flippin' Pancakes and More, a food truck that serves pancakes!

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? But I kid you not, it does exist!

Pancakes have been around for eternity, and if you ask me, I've never met someone who did not know what a pancake was or hasn't tried one. Many historians believe that Otzi the Iceman was eating the first "pancake", while others claim it was the Romans in the 1st century that made the first pancake. The dish was known as "Altia Dolcia", which is latin for "another sweet", made from flour, milk egg and spices. They were sold hot in the market, but rather than syrup drizzled on top honey instead. This is one breakfast food that never goes out of style, so let's hop back in this century so I can tell you all about Flippin' Pancakes and More.

Flippin' Pancakes and More, is Curacao's first ever food truck that sells pancakes. When I found them on Instagram, I was amazed, because the concept is different, yet fresh, who doesn't love breakfast food all day? The idea was simply genius! I actually messaged them asking if they wanted to collaborate on a blog. Imagine, I had not even tried their pancakes yet, but I was already in awe with the idea, not even knowing who was behind it or anything their idea just blew me away. The man behind this amazing concept is Eduardo Alvarez, born and raised in Curacao, educated in the Netherlands, with a bachelors in business administration

and a masters in supply chain management, so as you can see no formal cooking training at all. He started cooking during his time in the Netherlands, and enjoyed it, but more than anything Eduardo is a family man, to him sharing a meal on the table together is very important, as it should be. During his time in the Netherlands, both he and his wife, were studying, and working while also having a baby, this made both of them very busy and breakfast was the one meal they could share together as a family, and so Eduardo took over the kitchen. Little did he know that this would snowball into a business venture much later. In 2014 they returned back to Curacao, and Eduardo had high paying jobs, but his heart wasn't into it. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, after realizing that there weren't any special restaurants, or cafes that only sold pancakes, he wanted to try out this concept. Flippin' Pancakes and More was born, specializing in pancakes with such a huge variety of toppings, anything you can think of he has it. Everything is fresh, no preservatives either, and you can taste the difference between his pancakes and the cardboard boxed ones we buy at the supermarket! Recently, Eduardo started bottling his signature pancake syrup, along with his pancake mix which you can use to make his pancakes at home. I think its great for the days that you just don't feel like leaving the house, after all, if you ask me, pancakes should be eaten in pajamas. The pancake mix and his syrup, you can buy directly from him or at Mangusa Supermarket.

My experience with Eduardo was amazing , I really had the best time having great pancakes with him, and especially while he was telling me his story, and also how his wife tests all his new creations. Now for the important part, his pancakes, are perfectly soft and very fluffy which is my favorite way, I didn't take any toppings, just plain syrup, but the list to choose from is endless. He gave me a packet of his pancake mix and syrup to make it at home, which was amazing, it came out just like his and it was so easy to make, all you had to do was add water. Even a person who has zero experience in the kitchen will have no issues making amazing pancakes.

On a personal note, as good as the pancakes were, I really loved his spirit, Eduardo, is so excited about his business, it shows in his work. He gives his 200% without a doubt and that is amazing. I think that makes all the difference, follow Flippin Pancakes and More, on Instagram, and Whatsapp +59995201583 to find out their location. They also cater for birthday parties and other events. Check them out, I loved them and so will you!

Interested in a blog post/collaboration with me? Just send me an email, I'll love to tell the world your story!

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Namrata Harjani
Namrata Harjani
Mar 16, 2021

So cool this is , ur box of pancakes 😋


adjoa nyarkoa
adjoa nyarkoa
Mar 15, 2021

I love this story. There’s nothing like a good pancakes!

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