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Some like it HOT-The story behind Krioyo Madness

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Hot sauces have been around for one, could easily say almost forever and that isn't a exaggeration, at endless dinner tables one has heard the phrase "Pass the hot sauce please" . Some even may say that the food is bland without hot sauce. I for one am not one of those people, often my food doesn't require hot sauce. Now you are probably thinking so why is she writing about hot sauces. Growing up in a Indian household, in Curacao where spice is the way of life, and I'm often the odd one out who doesn't ask for hot sauce at any restaurant, I still know a bit about the subject. But for more then anything I was excited to share with all of you a hot sauce, locally made here in Curacao.

Hot sauces come in so many different varieties. Often it is our misconception that all hot sauces are actually hot. Confused? Good, now I have your attention! Hot sauces often have different types of chili peppers and they can range from sweet to hot, and some even add fruits to hot sauces as well to balance your pallet, the possibilities are just endless.

Curacao is diamond yet to be discovered by many people, the same goes for their local hot sauces. So today I take great pleasure in introducing to you Krioyo Madness hot sauce. Its spicy and tangy all in one bottle, it comes in two different flavors Mad Mango and Pineapple Peach on the Beach (I love the name).

So lets go back in time, when it all started, the founder and creator of this hot sauce is Eduard Michel, a photographer with a passion for farming. When he started out planting ghost peppers, he didn't expect them to grow so quickly and in abundance, much more then he could consume! The entrepreneur in him decided to go to the local grocery store to sell them, little did he know that they would give him a price per kilogram and peppers being so light in weight the payout was not as great as he had expected. The brainstorming process then began on how to use the peppers and gain a significant profit, hot sauce was one of the ideas that came to mind. Eduard started experimenting in the kitchen, he wanted to make a hot sauce with spice, but a punch of flavor, with adding fruit to the mix he got exactly what he was looking for! His family and friends were his test rabbits, and tried out so many different batches, finally he settled on the one that was perfect. That was just half the battle he then started looking for bottles, and designed the labels, he opted for glass bottles, which are more eco-friendly and sauces tend to taste better coming from a glass bottle rather then plastic bottles I can totally agree with this statement.

This past weekend I decided to venture into the kitchen and make my favorite quesadillas. Black bean and corn quesadillas — vegetarians feel free to message me for the recipe! When I make these I usually have them with salsa, guacamole, and a huge dollop of sour cream, but this time I skipped the salsa and grabbed the bottle of Mango Madness hot sauce. The verdict? I was shocked it complimented by quesadias so perfectly. It was tangy and tart and gave a burst of flavor all in one bite! Most of all the taste was fresh a lot of times when a hot sauce has a ton of preservatives its quite salty, this wasn't at all, no preservatives makes all the difference in my opinion!

On a personal note this hot sauce is worth trying , coming from a person who isn't a a fan of spicy sauces and peppers I enjoyed it, which certainly says something! Krioyo Madness is currently available at Kafe5999 located at the Zeelandia Mall and Zeven Oven & Cups, located at Gomezplien, Punda. You can follow Krioyo Madness on Instagram and Facebook and message to place your order as well. Add a bit of spice to your life, with Krioyo Madness!

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