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Lend a Paw-Rescue Paws Curacao Foundation

Curacao is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. But even we are not without our faults and troubles. Trouble in paradise? Yes, unfortunately it is no secret that Curacao has a massive stray dog problem. Its heart breaking, often people are on the island for a short amount of time, and leave behind their dogs-to basically fend for themselves, others dump them far away from home, a lot of people just simply for not spay/neuter their pets. Now how can people do these things? This often happens not only to dogs, but to cats as well, but it's much more visible with dogs. Its beyond me, most of you know how much I love my cats, when we bought a house in a resort the first thing I asked are pets allowed-had they said no, I would not have purchased there, when I adopted my rescue kitties the first thing I did was got them sterilized and vaccinated, these are things you do when you adopted an animal. But a lot of times that isn't the case. That is when rescues, come into play, we have several for a small island, but the problem is so large it doesn't feel like we have nearly enough. Today I'm going to take you to Rescue Paws Curacao, and amazing foundation on the island that rescues puppies, stray dogs, helps sterilizations and gives info on provision education.

Rescue Paws Curacao is actually a foundation I found on Facebook and messaged them, if they wanted to put a piggy bank at our family store Copperstone so we could collect for them. Several tourists asked if they could donate to a animal welfare charity or if they could bring toys, treats and other goodies to donate, often enough they didn't get an opportunity to visit the Rescue Center or didn't know how to get there, I offered out store as a drop off point, and got the "care packages" to the rescue. Once I started blogging I knew right away I wanted to write about Rescue Paws Curacao, mainly to raise awareness of the problem we face with the stray dogs and the good they do, but also to urge people to visit the center, play with the puppies or walk the dogs.

I visited the rescue center on a Sunday morning, it is a huge land with several enclosures, so big that the dogs have space to run around, their own dog houses too! They divide the dogs, and then they have large cages for mama dogs and her puppies. This was the most fun! The large cages are huge there was so much room to move around, a mama dog and several puppies, three adults and it could easily fit a few more adults. I fell in love with the puppies! I honestly didn't want to leave it was so much fun. One of them was just lazy pup, I think he was my favorite since he was like a cat, you could pick him up and smother him! There were cute black ones as well, those were so playful and just wanted attention, wagging their tails. The mother dog was the most loving and caring of them all with so much love to give! The center is open on weekends between 10am-12pm for visitors, but this is subject to change, so do check their website for the latest information on the hours.

Cat lovers, you have to visit as well, there is a very special residential cat, her name is Poes! Translated Poes means cat in Dutch, and just one fine day she wandered to the center and never left.At the center she is known as the guard cat, once she found a whimpering puppy and called one of the volunteers, and guided him to the puppy. She is the sweetest cat you will ever meet! She was fast asleep under a car when I saw her, I called her and she came out, instantly she got comfortable on my lap! You can carry her like a baby and she just loves it!

At the Rescue center they have a shop filled with stickers, t-shirts, calendars and lots of other things you can buy, where the profits go directly to the center, and the dogs. This is where Dhan Arts comes into play, Rescue Paws Curacao and Dhan Arts have created an exclusive Skadey where 25% of the profits go directly to the center! These Skadey's are only available at the center, or if you contact me, I can ship them to you!

On a personal note, visiting the center was so much fun! I learned so much about the dogs, sometimes they are in such horrible conditions, traumatized, and hungry, its miraculous on how love, attention, and vet care can transform these dogs. A lot of people I have encountered want a pure breed, and in my mind I'm thinking why? When there are so many dogs that need loving forever homes, they are as cute and as smart as the pure breed. Adopting from a rescue, not only saves a life, but allows the rescue to save more lives. All dogs, adopted from Rescue Paws Curacao, are sterilized and have their vaccinations up to date, since they often live in foster homes, they are also "housebroken" even though when you adopt, you always have to give the animal a bit of time to adjust to the new environment. Puppies are adorable no doubt, but I have a huge soft corner for the older dogs, they have so much love to give and you can find one that matches your personality!

In order for Rescue Paws Curacao to continue the amazing work they are doing they need your help! There are several ways you can help, visit the center, volunteers love when you socialize with the dogs, and the puppies. Donate, funds help the upkeep of the center, pay for feed and other essentials and most of all help with vet bills. You can also donate food, treats, collars, toys anything a dog could use or play with. Foster, when you foster a dog, everything is taken care of you just provide the home and the love, the rescue provides the rest. Adopt, give these dogs a second chance they so deserve, they didn't choose the circumstances they were born in, they are so grateful and have so much love to give. Even if you don't live in Curacao you can adopt a dog from here, Rescue Paws arranges everything, all you have to do is pick her or him at the airport. You can also virtually adopt a dog, check the website for more information. Order your "Poes Skadey" where 25% of the proceeds go directly to Rescue Paws Curacao! Lastly spread the word! Follow Rescue Paws Curacao on Instagram and on Facebook, share their posts so they can be seen more, which helps raise awareness of the rescue, and the amazing things they do! Help us help them.

If you are a rescue or a small local business and would like to collaborate with me on a blog post, just send me an email at I would love to share your story with the world!

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