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Kome-Unauthorized Family Meals Blog

Hello readers! Missed me much? I would certainly hope so! I believe I owe all of you an explanation for my absence. Mid March as our COVID cases began to rise it just didn't feel right publishing blogs. It was a stressful time for the entire island when our Prime Minister announced the lockdown. We were finally getting the feeling that things were getting better financially, so as a small business owner, to be once again be put back where we were a year ago when the pandemic

Lend a Paw-Rescue Paws Curacao Foundation

Curacao is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. But even we are not without our faults and troubles. Trouble in paradise? Yes, unfortunately it is no secret that Curacao has a massive stray dog problem. Its heart breaking, often people are on the island for a short amount of time, and leave behind their dogs-to basically fend for themselves, others dump them far away from home, a lot of people just simply for not spay/neuter their pets. Now how can people do th

Breakfast with Wilhelmina - Plein Cafe Wilhelmina

In July, I returned back to work after the lockdown as flights had started to resume, and we all had hope that tourism would pick up again. I knew it would be a slow start, but I don't think I personally was prepared for how slow it actually was going to be. Which is how I came up of the idea of blogging, to help small local businesses. I wanted to start with restaurants because who doesn't love food? Plein Cafe Wilhelmina is the first one that came to mind because it has a v

Wara Wara Wednesdays!

The pandemic affected a lot of businesses around the world, big or small it didn't matter. Overnight these businesses saw very little light at the end of the tunnel. The entire month of April, Curacao was not only under lockdown but also under "shelter at home" where we were not allowed to leave our homes other then for essential services. We were also not allowed to drive our cars other then twice a week and then on our license plate days, and only for the grocery store, ph

Skadey wears a jersey!

The first weekend of NFL 2020, has begun! I was really excited to see my Green Bay Packers play this Sunday, especially since I don't think anyone was sure whether or not they would be playing this season. There weren't any fans and that wasy strange looking at empty bleechers, but regardless I was thrilled! I believe we all have been missing sports overall a lot so the fact that NFL has been given the green light to start is quite exciting. This year has been one for the bo

To Print or Not to Print?

This is the million dollar question haunting artists for years! To print or not to print? A lot of artists often choose not to produce prints of their works as they feel it takes away from the original piece. They ponder on why someone would purchase and original when "replicas" or prints have flooded the market. In this article I'm going to try to answer that question. A little bit about me, before I go into the million dollar question you are wondering about! My vision was

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