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To Print or Not to Print?

This is the million dollar question haunting artists for years! To print or not to print? A lot of artists often choose not to produce prints of their works as they feel it takes away from the original piece. They ponder on why someone would purchase and original when "replicas" or prints have flooded the market. In this article I'm going to try to answer that question.

A little bit about me, before I go into the million dollar question you are wondering about! My vision was always to provide original pieces of art for anyone who wanted one. Often it isn't in everyones budget, so my paintings have always geared towards that clientele. Now lets go back in time to about two years ago, I just started to work in my parents store Copperstone ( if you've met me it was probably inside here) , which was a scary yet an amazing experince both at once. For the first time I got to meet the tourists, tell them all about my work, and sell to them directly. It was just wonderful, stubborn even though I was selling a lot I didn't want to raise prices, but I was getting very tired after about a year of doing this. I still would have continued but me being tired, I felt I was not putting the 100 percent in my work I usually did. I felt it wasn't personal anymore but I had turned into a machine - in the long run is this what I want? I was in a huge pickle!

I came to the relization there were a few paintings, that I could consider were "bestsellers", selectively I choose a few of them, thinking these are pieces people would just love to take home


A personal touch, now this was very important to me, how could I make these prints special for the person buying it ( or recieving it as a gift) I decided whenever I was instore, I would offer to sign the print for the person. Sometimes they asked if I could include the person's name or a special message. This way they also had a real signature too. From canvas prints to matted prints, I can sign them all just for you! It really depends on your taste on what you chose.

Now the million dollar question to print or not to print?

There will always be something special about an original, so in my opinion the best option is always the best option but if its not in your budget a print makes it really easy for you to take home a painting you admire home. Prints are second best and make really good gifts that people will cherish. Economically priced so its easy on your wallet! If you are ever ordering online and would like a special message written ( I love handwritten cards, letters which have been lost courtesy of technology) along with a signature just ask. My thoughts have always been to make something ordinary, extra ordinary.

At the end of the day its what makes you happy whether a print or an original peice. Prints are easy on the wallet and makes a really great gift to anyone. Interested in my prints? Just contact me I'm currently makeing room for a new series of prints so my prints are currently on sale! Prices start at just $12, which makes it a good time to start the Christmas shopping early!

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Very true! I’m glad I was one of your first international shipping clients! I love my two original pieces and my postcard.

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