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Kome-Unauthorized Family Meals Blog

Hello readers! Missed me much? I would certainly hope so! I believe I owe all of you an explanation for my absence. Mid March as our COVID cases began to rise it just didn't feel right publishing blogs. It was a stressful time for the entire island when our Prime Minister announced the lockdown. We were finally getting the feeling that things were getting better financially, so as a small business owner, to be once again be put back where we were a year ago when the pandemic

Hot off the Griddle - Flippin' Pancakes and More

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods, especially when it comes to Sunday mornings. That one lazy day a week where I allow myself to sit in my pajamas, be lazy,have a cup of green tea, and eat pancakes! Absolutely no hustle and bustle of the week, yes somehow, I'm always running around during the week no matter how much I try to plan and organize everything, so with that being said my Sundays are pure bliss! When browsing Instagram as I do so often, I was fascinated

Some like it HOT-The story behind Krioyo Madness

Hot sauces have been around for one, could easily say almost forever and that isn't a exaggeration, at endless dinner tables one has heard the phrase "Pass the hot sauce please" . Some even may say that the food is bland without hot sauce. I for one am not one of those people, often my food doesn't require hot sauce. Now you are probably thinking so why is she writing about hot sauces. Growing up in a Indian household, in Curacao where spice is the way of life, and I'm often

Lend a Paw-Rescue Paws Curacao Foundation

Curacao is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. But even we are not without our faults and troubles. Trouble in paradise? Yes, unfortunately it is no secret that Curacao has a massive stray dog problem. Its heart breaking, often people are on the island for a short amount of time, and leave behind their dogs-to basically fend for themselves, others dump them far away from home, a lot of people just simply for not spay/neuter their pets. Now how can people do th

Too Pretty to Eat-GS Pastry

My father often has said, that if I can't find my daughter, she is either at a bakery or a beauty parlor and he is right they are two of my most favorite places. Anywhere I go, I research before hand for great bakeries/pastry stores and hair salons. But today lets talk about my love for pastries, from classic vanilla cakes, brownies with walnuts to tiramisu and macaroons I love it all! The way to my heart is by gifting me something sweet! Today I'm going to introduce you to a

It's a Blush Affair!

Festive wear has always been my favorite, I've always needed an excuse to wear a pretty suit or lengha. Today, the fact that I am trusted to write about different designers, is a huge honor on its own. This year the festive season has been very low key, but that is only because COVID has rained on all of our parades. Traditionally, on Diwali, everyone wears new clothes, and even though ready-made is available in beautiful patterns, Diwali is special, we all want to look beaut

Happy Diwali!

Diwali is one of my favorite times of the year (yes, Christmas and Diwali come really close to each other). Diwali is the festival of lights, where everyone wears new outfits, homes are lighted up, there are Indian sweets called mithai being made in the kitchen! Not to mention your mother telling you five million times that we should start the Diwali cleaning, the house must be spotless! But Diwali, like any auspicious festival, has a story behind it, and today I will share w

Skadey wears a jersey!

The first weekend of NFL 2020, has begun! I was really excited to see my Green Bay Packers play this Sunday, especially since I don't think anyone was sure whether or not they would be playing this season. There weren't any fans and that wasy strange looking at empty bleechers, but regardless I was thrilled! I believe we all have been missing sports overall a lot so the fact that NFL has been given the green light to start is quite exciting. This year has been one for the bo

To Print or Not to Print?

This is the million dollar question haunting artists for years! To print or not to print? A lot of artists often choose not to produce prints of their works as they feel it takes away from the original piece. They ponder on why someone would purchase and original when "replicas" or prints have flooded the market. In this article I'm going to try to answer that question. A little bit about me, before I go into the million dollar question you are wondering about! My vision was

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