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Skadey wears a jersey!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The first weekend of NFL 2020, has begun! I was really excited to see my Green Bay Packers play this Sunday, especially since I don't think anyone was sure whether or not they would be playing this season. There weren't any fans and that wasy strange looking at empty bleechers, but regardless I was thrilled! I believe we all have been missing sports overall a lot so the fact that NFL has been given the green light to start is quite exciting. This year has been one for the books- planning for anything seems impossible we can only hope our lives, resume to some kind of normal soon. I understand why sports and other events have been halted and I would like everyone to stay safe during this pandemic, but today's blog post won't be about the pandemic.

I'm not sure how many of you know I'm a huge football fan! I grew up watching football, its always on in our house, my father is a huge Las Vegas Raiders fan, I still can't understand why, but he is! When we moved to Curacao, years back from New Jersey, my father could never get his Raiders games, the network feeds we got here at the time were from Miami, or New York, which meant you either had to watch the Dolphins, the Jets, or the Giants. My father subscribed to NFL Sunday ticket at that time, and would not only get his Raiders, but every other team in the NFL. When the Raiders played the chanel never switched, but when they weren't playing he would switch games to watch the more exciting ones, and one fine Sunday he switched to a Packers game, I can't remember against which team but I remember the Lambeau leap! A player had jumped into the stands, and the people were all patting his head! I learned it was because he scored a touchdown, and I was hooked! It does help a bit, that it was during one of the most amazing era's in the Packers history, with Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren, Reggie White, and Antonio Freeman. When Favre eventually left Green Bay I was heartbroken, but looked at the positives I could follow two teams. When he joined the Vikings that was tough as the Packers play the Vikings twice a year, I did call myself a Packer-Viking. Eventually I did warm up to Aaron Rodgers and bought a jersey, and fell in love with a new team all over again! Every Sunday or game day for the Packers, you will catch me in my jersey.

I've always wanted to create a Skadey that is wearing a jersey, but I always got caught up with something or the else and the idea never materialized. During lockdown I had the extra time on my hands and I decided to try it out! I chose to make the Skadey white, with light brown patches, the green from the jersey stood out of the Aaron Rodgers, Packers jersey. I then added a little light brown near the nose, like a mustache! In my eyes this Skadey was just perfect!

Once I shared Aaron Rodgers Skadey on social media, I started getting a lot of requests about other teams, in other sports too, which was pretty amazing! Personally I just religiously watch NFL, and then basketball and occasionally baseball during the playoffs. So I was thrilled when I got commissioned to do soccer players, basketball players, hockey players and other football players from different teams.

If you would like a Skadey wearing your team jersey just contact me, just keep in mind these are custom made so if you would like them for a birthday gift or special occasion I just need a little bit of advance notice. With Christmas around the corner a Skadey wearing a favorite team jersey makes the perfect gift! I'll always work together with you to make your vision a reality.

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Lovely article! But I have to say go Dolphins!

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