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Too Pretty to Eat-GS Pastry

My father often has said, that if I can't find my daughter, she is either at a bakery or a beauty parlor and he is right they are two of my most favorite places. Anywhere I go, I research before hand for great bakeries/pastry stores and hair salons. But today lets talk about my love for pastries, from classic vanilla cakes, brownies with walnuts to tiramisu and macaroons I love it all! The way to my heart is by gifting me something sweet! Today I'm going to introduce you to a friend of mine Gabriella Salom, who I lovingly call "Gaby", an artist in her own way, but not only pleases the eyes, but the tastebuds as well.

GS Pastry was founded by Gaby Salom, a baker to some but when I look at her work she is an artist, her eye to detail in every piece. For the past three years she has gifted me my birthday cake, I've never chosen the design, or the flavor, she knows my love for cats, and my obsession with everything girly, pink and Christmas her cakes have always been perfect. This year's cake was a dark chocolate brownie with walnut, with a white chocolate shell. The design was a white kitty sitting on a pink dome and a Christmas tree. It just spoke my personality it was just stunning. The cat wore a bow! I've loved bows since as long as I remember! The cake was just perfect.

Legend has it that the brownie was created in 1893, by Bertha Palmer, a prominent Chicago socialite, who's husband owned the famous Palmer House Hotel. She had requested for a cake like dessert but smaller , that could be included in boxed lunches. The result was a brownie with walnuts with apricot glaze. Now these were who created the brownie, although I haven't tasted the Palmer House Hotel brownies, I can tell you, GS Pastry makes the world's best brownies. Crisp on top and soft and gooey on the inside, with walnuts. Baked to perfection, I've often told her they are by far the world's best brownies.

When the pandemic hit, large parties, and social gatherings were halted. Gaby adjusted with times and introduced these boxes with an assortment of desserts you could customize, delivered at the door step of the recipient. She also started doing more mini cakes. Mini cakes are wonderful, they are just enough for the family yet the extra attention she puts for the detail is immaculate. Its like you took one of her beautiful large cakes and zapped them into a mini version. Mini cakes are perfect for intimate family gatherings, like we are having this year.

With Christmas right around the corner, Gaby introduced these lovely Christmas themed boxes, with so many different types of desserts you can choose, no box is too large or too small. After all Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Her desserts just make the holidays a bit more special. She also has something planned for New Years, but I am sworn to secrecy so you will have to follow her social media, to see!

If you're looking for a sweet way to celebrate any occasion of milestone in your life or loved ones, message Gaby at GS Pastry, and artist who's art is delicious! She will help make your event sweeter then you could have even imagined. She's even been featured by Satin Ice which is an honor on it's on, as well as several Brazilian publications. Follow GS Pastry @gspastry on Instagram and @gspastry on Facebook. For orders call +59995109290.

Are you a local baker or pastry chef? Would you like your story to be told? If so e-mail me at, I would love to share your story with the world. Loved this post? Share it, and comment below, I would love to hear from all of you!

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