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Mistral - A Modern Day Bistro

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Mistral is a fairly new restaurant in the center of Punda. The owner is no stranger to the business, Nicolas Ruben Vasquez Vilaseca, more popularly known as Nicco, is originally from Chile and is also the owner of La Boheme which is famous for its smoothies.

Nicco is one of the most innovative persons I have met, I had a sit down with him for about an hour and how he came up with creative ideas for his restaurant left me in awe.

Every Monday night at Mistral is the Lune di Pasta, where authentic Italian Chef Caterina Bo, makes different pastas for everyones tastebuds. A little bit about Chef Caterina born in Genoa, Italy she was always in the kitchen watching her mother prepare simple yet authentic Italian dishes everyday. She loves traditional dishes but also likes to invent new recipes, mixing and discovering new ingredients. Traditional plates for the modern palate, the combination of sweet and sour with the perfect balance.

During Lune di Pasta you will be taken on a trip to Italy, with homemade bruschetta,vitello tonnato and polpo e pate. Each pasta is freshly made, and changed every week from ravioli, gnocchi,taligatte and the list just goes on, you will always be pleasantly surprised! Skadey had the delight of sampling the gnocchi with walnut sauce. Along with the pastas there are many wines that can be paired with your meal. For dessert, Tiramisu that just melts in your mouth.

It‘s all about the ceviche. Nicco originally being from Chile one of the first things I asked him was do you serve ceviche? He smiled and replied, "Yes!" Being one my new favorites I was thrilled! Ceviche orginates from Peru but it is found all over Central and South America. Ceviche is raw fish cured with fresh citrus juices often lime or lemon, spiced with peppers and other seasonings, like corn, red onions, bell peppers, and coriander. Mistral has a Peruvian Chef Johnny who prepares ceviches daily. Salmon and Mahi Mahi are always on the menu served with tostados to balance the citric taste. I had the pleasure of trying both of them, and they were delicious. The best I have ever tried!

Every Friday night Mistral hosts a Ceviche Night where they will feature five different types of ceviches, salmon, mahi mahi, shrimp, mango (vegan) , and the catch of the day lion fish. The lion fish deserves a special mention, its caught fresh daily and delivered to Mistral thanks to their friends at Scubacao. It will be a fun night with Chef Johnny presenting his ceviches along with a few family traditions and secrets. Bartender Andinian will be showing you Pisca based cocktails to compliment your ceviche. It is a night not to be missed!

On a personal note, I truly fell in love with Mistral's team, the extra attention they give each guest, and they treated every guest as family. If you are in Curacao, stop by this spot, you will be coming back for more.

For reservations contact Mistral at +(5999)8409464 you can follow them on facebook and instagram as @mistralcuracao.

If you are a local restaurant and would like to collaborate with me for a blog post, send me an email at

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