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A Touch of Gold- The Aureate Label

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A lot of you may know that I come from a traditional Indian family. Both my parents are from Mumbai (Bombay) and even though I am born in New Jersey and lived in Curacao for most of my life, I absolutely love my heritage and culture. Like most Indian girls I love my Bollywood movies and the traditional attire. During the lockdown, with that bit of extra time on my hands I was spending a lot of time on social media. I had fallen in love with the outfits from the Aureate Label and quickly became friends with the founder Rupinder Kaur. I wasn't blogging at the time, but when I had started I asked if I could write about her and she agreed.

I proudly present to you the Aureate Label, founded by Rupinder Kaur. I've always been fascinated with how others start their businesses and how did they realize that this is what they want to be doing professionally? What was their calling? Rupinder is known as the fashionista by her family and friends they were constantly asking her to design outfits for them, that gave her the encouragement and the confidence that she needed to start The Aureate Label. Her goal was to use traditional patterns with the ease of modern wear. Inspiration comes to her from her home state of Punjab, along with her fondness for the Mughal dynasty which have the rich detailed embroideries and drapes. She has been designing for over four years and loves every moment of it. One of the first questions I had for her was how she came up with the name "The Aureate Label", the story is quite interesting! Together with her daughter they brainstormed and first came up with "aurum" which is the chemical name for gold, and derived from there they came up with "aureate" which means made of gold. Which was the perfect representation of the luxurious and elaborate clothing she wanted to design.

On a personal note, a lot of us often have a fear of ordering clothing online, especially custom made to measure outfits. Measurements are honestly every girls nightmare and mine included! I was quite nervous receiving this outfit, I knew Rupinder knew exactly what she was doing, and through out the process she did message me when she thought something wasn't clear to her. When the package arrived, I was very anxious to try it on, I did and the fit was perfect. The suit was beautiful but the dupatta (shawl) stole my heart. A dupatta is commonly known as a stole or shawl paired with almost all South Asian clothing. This one was designed with embellished mukash work which is prominently found in the Awadh area (modern day Lucknow) for the Mughals. The finishing of the suit was done with gota, which is a type of embroidery and also using zari a gold thread work which originated in Rajasthan but commonly used in Punjab. I must say the palazzo pants, which is now a trend to be paired with suits were really comfortable.

When Rupinder sent me the outfit, and I had to do pictures, I wanted something different, that she hadn't seen before and whats more one of a kind then Curacao's Handelskade and the Queen Emma Bridge. To me it seemed perfect, and Skadey was included as well. Follow The Aureate Label on Facebook and Instagram to see her latest designs, and place an order, she's a dream to work with and doesn't disappoint! Follow The Aureate Label on instagram and facebook to see their latest designs , and just message to order. Rupinder works together with you to create your vision of the perfect outfit.

If you are a designer and would like to collaborate with me, just send me an email at , if you liked this post be sure to share it with your friends and feel free to comment below! I love to hear from all of you.

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Angel Wings
Angel Wings
Sep 20, 2020

You look divine omg 😻💛👌🏻

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