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Kitchen Al'usul - Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I developed a love for Lebanese food so long ago, that I can't even remember. Lebanese food is most people's favorite, but especially Indian kids. Our mothers over the years have learned to make their versions of "hummus" but it doesn't even come close to what Kitchen Al'usul has to offer. Brace yourselves readers, this post will make you hungry and excited to try Kitchen Al'usul!

Meet Saadi Kaddoura, she came to Curacao a little over twenty years ago, with her husband from Venezuela. She embraced her new life, and concentrated on her four kids. Saadi always had a passion for food and cooking, but being a full time mom always kept her busy. Saadi's cooking always left a lasting impression on whoever tried it, and was often told that she should open a restaurant, it got her thinking but it never materialized. It wasn't until she went through some personal difficult times, that she revisited this idea and decided to take the plunge. Saadi is the perfect example of someone who took the negatives and turned them into positives! Saadi combined her love for food with her home country Lebanon and started Kitchen Al'usul. Saadi's story is a simple one, but it touches your heart. A bit bossy in the kitchen her kids would claim, though I believe she's a person who chooses not to take any shortcuts, which is probably why her food is so delicious. Kitchen Al'usul is a family business where Saadi is the boss and everyone else has their own role to play.

One of the first questions I had was what does Al'usul mean? It means authentic, in Arabic- which is also the description of their food. A lot of restaurants offer a fusion of different cusines. Saadi choose to make traditional Lebanese food, which makes her different from most. I feel everyone is so busy trying to create something "new",that we often forget how tasty traditional cuisines are.

My personal experience with Kitchen Al'usul was fantastic to say the least. The delivery was on time and the food was packed in eco friendly packaging. I ordered the Lebanese mixed platter which comes in a vegan version or a traditional version (which has meat). The quantity was plenty, so I had leftovers the next day and believe me , they tasted just as good! Saadi's falafels were so soft and nice, I say this with no bias they are the best I've had and trust me I have had a ton. Her vegan kibbeh was fantastic filled with potatoes, spinach and garbanzos. The hummus left me speechless and I really wish there was more, next time when I do order, I'll order a side of the hummus to satisfy my craving. This was my first time trying warak enab I was a little nervous but it was surprisingly delicious. The entire Lebanese platter went beyond my expectations. I loved it and that is an understatement!

Saadi also makes traditional Lebanese sweets. Baklava isn't included in the platter but it can be ordered separately. Saadi was kind enough to send me some. Baklava is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made from filo pastry, honey and pistachios. Her baklava has the perfect balance of sweet, and the filo pastry is nice and crisp, with lots of pistachios, it was the crown jewel of the meal.

Personally I love having great food in my pajamas and Kitchen Al'usul delivered! If you live in Curacao or even if you're visiting the island, you have to try Kitchen Al'usul. I highly recommend their mixed platter. It comes with a little bit of everything for you to try. They also cater for events, just ask for their catering menu , and you can work with them for the perfect spread which will leave everyone asking for more.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @kitchenalusul to see their entire variety and Whatsapp them at +59996619495 to order.

I absolutely love desserts and Kitchen Al'usul was kind enough to offer all my readers a free slice of coconut cake with every order. Just mention the code "DHAN" while ordering! What are you waiting for? Order today!

If you are a restaurant or a home based caterer and would like to collaborate with me on a blog post email me at I would love to tell your story!

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